Fat loss

flat stomachDespite what you see on TV, losing weight and getting shredded abs does not happen overnight. The truth is getting definition in your midsection is very difficult. The main reason for this is because of how much fat accumulates around our waists. Getting bigger biceps and even calves isn’t too hard, but getting a nice six-pack seems impossible for many fitness buffs. To get ripped abs, you need to spend more time burning calories and less time doing sit-ups and crunches. This article will teach you the first steps regarding how to get a flat stomach.

So many people mistakenly focus on the stomach muscles without realizing they have too much excess fat around their waists for their stomach muscles to ever show. Because of this, they focus on hyped up workout routines that tout “ripped abs” while ignoring the belly fat so obviously hiding their muscles. If you want shredded abs you need to focus on burning fat so your existing muscles can poke through and show themselves. Virtually every person has some stomach muscles, as walking and sitting/standing require them. They may not be tone or defined, but they are there. Burn the fat; then you can focus on the perfect ripped abs.

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